more about us

Hi. Welcome to the Bear and Kitten about page. I worked really hard on it so I hope you like it.

My name is Andy and I write this comic. Angie draws it. A lot of people got to know us as bear and kitten but that got creepy and people started sending us links to furry conventions and stuff so we decided to end that whole thing. Not that we have anything against furries, it's just not our scene.

We both went to art school, are in our lower to mid 20's and we have two cats. We ride bikes and go to shows and drink a lot.

Angie is a graphic designer and she is pretty good at it so you should give her a job or at least some paid freelance work.

I am trained in video production and film, so you could probably offer to pay me money to film your wedding or something. I also am trained as a laborer and customer service representative. Very intense stuff all around.

If you'd like to know more about us you should send us an e-mail. We always enjoy talking to people who like our comic. Otherwise, I hope you like our about page and have learned all you ever wanted to know about us.