Sheesh. Sorry bout all that. Had a bunch of issues with writing the comic, ended up doing a completely different one. The downtime was rad, right? Gotta love the hosting we have. That's why the new twitter is so important. Helps us keep you guys informed as to whats up with this stuff. Anyway, sorry about the delays, enjoy the comic!

P.S. We are super lame for not mentioning this earlier, but as you can tell we have a hard time staying on top of things sometimes. Anyway, go check out Koala Wallop's newest member, The Secret Knots. The comic itself is pretty fantastic, but the art is amazing. Definitely worth taking a look.


Hi there. Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I made a new Twitter account that will be used mainly to give you guys updates on the current status of a new strip. Should make things easier for everyone. This isn't to say you can't still check out Angie's twitter page. In fact I would still check that out if I were you as hers will be entertaining and mine is simply for making sure you all stay informed. So add it to your blackberry links or whatever.


I know, I know.

So Snuggies. Pretty nuts right? People pay for those things. I figure the pillow helmet is the only logical next step. Don't go stealing our idea and selling it to Billy Mays or nothin' either. We need the money.

Anyway, enjoy the update, send us an email or post on the forums, and we hope to have another update coming soon.

P.S. Angie and I didn't break up so all you dudes and chicks wanting in on that sweet bun are just gonna have to wait in line.


Hey dudes. Sorry about the lack of comics and news updates. Angie went on a 2 week vacation because everyone she knows is getting married simultaneously in every imaginable U.S. state. So she ran off to go travel the globe, watching as her friends get married while she remains ringless because Yours Truly is what we in the Business of Being Men call "stubborn".

Anyway, it was supposed to be my job to go online and tell all you loyal readers that we have not quit the comic and aren't even being lazy, we just didn't have an artist. Of course I didn't do that because the password for our website was changed and we didn't know what it was and I was too lazy to reset it until now. So that brings us up to now. I am at work which means things I am too lazy to do at home become far more entertaining to do in contrast to what it is I am paid to do.

Long, uninformative story short, we'll have a comic up in a day or two with another to follow shortly after that. I apologize for not keeping you informed, that's part of my job and I failed to do it. Please forgive me. Love always, Andy.

P.S. -- Congratulations to our April Fools Day artist/website designer/Angie's BFF Kim and her new husband Josh on their marriage. The ceremony was beautiful and I wish you two all the happiness in the world.


We've all been there, right?


Hey lil boos! I know that every time we are a little late with an update you get all antsy, thinking we ain't never coming back. Well, you've got it all wrong. We love updating. When you are sad, we are sad, when you are happy as are we. It pumps us up when you love the comic and commet on it, it breaks our hearts when we let you down. You get the point. moral of the story is that you should come visit the forums and we might be more on to updating on time. Regardless we love you. bear


Hello again muffins. So, yeah, it was a joke. I am personally offended that you would ever beleive that I would work with anyone who calls themselves Wyldefire. Seriously.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the comic and we promise that Angie and i will never break up and change the comic. Ever. Visit the forums and have fun. bear.


And you thought last week had news. So...Angie and I broke up and she let me have the comic so I had to quickly grab an artist because I know this comic is worth trying to do regularly and she doesn't and she is lazy and ...nevermind. I don't want you guys to worry, it's not because of you. We both still love you, it's just that she's going to be going away and you'll be seeing a lot more of me and my new artist Wyndstorm. I think this new style is really something. Something indeed. Yes it is. Look how strong I am! That's pretty much based off real life.

I know you all have lots to discuss so please feel free to go to our forums to discuss it and whatnot. Whatever. Also feel free to visit Angie's twitter page and rub it in her lazy face. Bear.


Holy cow, dudes. So much to talk about. I suppose first we should talk about the comic update itself. Some of you will probably be all like "wha?" and some of you will be familiar with Japanese culture and will be all goin' "you disgraced the honor of the blah blah by missing the step where you blah blah", and then some of you will be familiar with movies and will be all bustin' our chops wondering where the embedded Chicago - Fight For Your Honor mp3 is at. To all of you we say "Pthbbbbbthh".

Not really. We love you. If you don't get the joke in this comic (or any other future comic) head over to Angie's twitter page. She feels some sort of need to give you all updates and inside info and whatnot. She is truly a caring and giving individual. This would explain why she still dates me.

Next you're going to wonder what's up with the website. Well, my little hamscraps, behold. This is the almost completed, new and improved look of our site. I hope you enjoy it. This is all the work of Angie's friend Kim (Kidavi) Do us a solid and explore the site to it's fullest and email us with any errors you might find. We know a lot of the links (transcribe, fan art, etc) aren't doing anything. Please understand this is all a work in progress. When you add all of this on top of the comic itself and other BnK related projects, it equals a lot of stuff. just know that we are working hard and we think you'll be pleased with the outcome.

Finally, we are really, really excited to add that we have been invited to join the ranks of Koala Wallop. This is a web community consisting of Perfect Stars, Dresden Codak, Rice Boy/Order Of Tales,Minus, I am a Rocket Builder, and The Secret Crocodile Adventure Club. This is really exciting for us as these are all sincerely incredible comics. So check them out and by all means, please come join the forums.

I know this has been a really long update, but there's been a ton of exciting news to relay. Thanks for reading it, and thanks for reading our comic. We hope you continue to enjoy it for a long, long while. Bear


Hey partners! A comic....again!? Yeah, yeah...it was a couple days late if you are following some sort of schedule. Regardless we have our reasons, and you have another FANTASTIC installment of Bear & Kitten. Its got comic book references in it. If that doesn't scream "Digg Me" I don't know what does.

Anywho, we should have another comic out in a few days or so, so keep coming back. Bear


Hello again!

Two comics so close together! Why, you'd almost think we were attempting to get back on some sort schedule or something. Maybe we are, who knows? Maybe we have some ideas stored up from our little hiatus. Who knows? You'll just have to keep coming back to find out. Probably wouldn't hurt if you were to show up in the forums, or tell your friends about us. Link us up on the internets and whatnot. I'm not saying you have to, i'm just saying it wouldn't hurt. Bear


Oh, hey there Strangers. First off, let me thank you for being patient and not deleting us from your bookmarks (and your hearts). I know we aren't that good to you but, baby, we are gonna change. I know, I know, you've heard it before. This time though we mean it. Some things in our lives have changed (big changes) and we both feel hugely optimistic that you will be seeing updates regularly, if not more regularly than ever. Keep in mind, this won't be for a week or so. So don't go bustin' our chops when we don't have an update done on Wednesday. We aren't gonna. Expect one next weekend, and then expect the fun to really start.

Regardless, to everyone who sent us an email, thank you very much. We are sorry we didn't reply. To everyone who ordered a print, we thank you, we are sorry we didnt reply. To everyone on the chatbox who yanned for us, thank you, we are sorry we didn't reply. To everyone, thank you. We are sorry we didn't reply. We will try to be better now. Bear


Well hello.

In case you didn't notice this comic isn't done yet. It needs polished up and colored, but it's kinda time sensitive and we also wanted you all to see that we are doing a comic. So here it is, we'll have it all super finished tomorrow (in honor of our new president!), we hope you enjoy it, and we'll do our absolute best to get another comic up soon!

p.s. As a registered libertarian I, too, understand that this is an offensive comic to those of us who support grow'd up anarchy. Love, Andy.


Hi, dudes. Sorry about not updating. No, we aren't dead, no we aren't going on hiatus. We are just stressing out over lot's of things, comic things and real world things. We read the chatbox and we are sad that we are letting you down, but are relieved to see that you care enough to bust our chops.

Please understand that we like making Bear and Kitten and we love that you enjoy it, but we are still just two kids making a webcomic on our free time. There's two of us, and while one can be having a great day, ready to roll on creating a comic, the other might not be feeling that pumped. And that's pretty much the case. If I am having a bad week I can't really make up jokes that I would want to present to you all. If Angie is having a bad week she doesn't want to give you a half-assed comic. You guys would notice.

So please know that we aren't quitting or anything, we have a comic in the works right now, and several more in the tubes. We just need to move at a pace that isn't going to burn us out forever. We don't wanna disappoint you, but as one reader emailed us "I'd rather have sporadic updates than no updates at all" and we hope you guys feel the same way.

Hang in there, Andy and Angie.

P.S. You guys don't have to be so hard on us on the chatbox, we have several readers we know personally who let us know on a very daily basis, in person, just how big of deadbeats we are.


Mini update! Also: Notice anything about Kitten? Check back soon.


This arc is based on a dream of mine. Not to own a Delorean. I just wish I had friends who would go to such huge lengths to fool me. Anyone can unscrew the cap on the salt shaker and ruin your eggs, but it takes a true friend to go grandiose. That's what I want. I also want to go back to playing Spore, so for now this is where we part. Talk to you all soon. bear


Sometimes we do jokes about hand jobs and Korean porn, sometimes we just provide you with multiple frames of kitten looking adorable. That's what makes it all work. Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for another update this weekend. bear


Hello again. So Angie stayed home from work today because she was so sick, but instead of resting she finished the comic for you all. Thats dedication.

You can make it up to her by visiting the forums or sending us a pleasant e-mail. It would no doubt help her healing process. Enjoy the comic, bear.


Hey there. Just an update. We had that really nice long weekend and Angie enjoyed it by having the flu. We are going to try to get one up tonight and then another one up a little later this week. Sorry we are late!


Ah, Google. Google is Big Brother, only it's like your cool big brother who not only knows what you want...but what you need. Google. You're all like "Lonliness Solutions" and Google is like "did you mean porn?". You are all like "wicker furniture" and google is like "Did you mean these 10,000,120,117 results of wicker furniture porn?" and you are like "Yes I did, Google, yes I did."

Bear is lucky. He wanted porn and Google was all "This...right here is what you really need." It's not often Google will steer you away from porn. When it happens you have to seize the opportunity lest you lose it forever (assuming you clear your internet history on a regular basis). Enjoy the comic. bear


Howdy do? I like this update. I know, I write them, I should love them all equally like children. Let's be honest though, you can love all of your children equally but you still like the funnier, better looking child more. Just ask my brother.

Seriously. Ask him. It will be funny. bear.


Hi! Sorry bout the delay. We know that after our long absence it gets kinda scary when we update later than normal. No worries though. We were just out of town.

Anyway, apparently my aunt and uncle are Mormon. Who knew?! So I apologize, but c'mon, it's not that mean. Could be worse, you could be Jehova's Witnesses.

Come visit us on the forums, send us emails, comment away. We like hearing from you! bear.


Another update? Baby, we spoil you. It's cause you are so beautiful, we want to give you nice things. Nice things like updates.

Anyway, we almost couldn't bring ourselves to get out of bed this morning. We had a rough night of watching our main boxing squeeze Miguel Cotto get rocked by Antonio "cl_godmode" Margarito. But unlike Cotto, we powered through the hardships and brought you our A-game. Enjoy the comic. Post on the forums. Write us emails. bear


Oh. Hello there! Whats this, you ask? Oh, not much. Just an update. A full update. With color and whatnot. It's based off the fact that I did buy one of these punching dummies in order to train for my future career in professional boxing (it's never too late to start, right?). I have been punching it and my knuckles are all cut up and it makes me feel so tough. Like a man who has been in a fight or two and knows how many pounds of pressure it takes to rip off a human ear.

Anyway, we hope you'll forgive our absence, theres a really good excuse for it involving a dog eating things and a motorcycle jump and a chemical spill. Enjoy the comic, expect another one soon. bear.


Hey dudes. On the advice of some people from the chatbox we are writing an update to ensure you that not only are we still alive, but we have every intention of updating again. Hang in there, Sunshines,we should have the update up this weekend. Be prepared for the start of a whole new arc involving satire, violence and Kitten being cute. Maybe if you guys are extra awesome we will throw a handful of crudely drawn penii in there. Cause we love you. bear


Mini update! Just for you. bear


Well hello. About the comic: We've all been there, you're just so bummed you lay in the middle of the street. Remember in the 1990's when that movie came out about football teams laying in the middle of the road and then a bunch of kid's started doing it? The Program or something. I never saw it. Kids laying in the road isn't really my thing.

Anyway, no real news. We are on top of some things we haven't done, and all is well and right. Enjoy the comic.bear


Sorry about the delay. Look what you get though, it's straight quintessential BnK with some fantastic art and color by Angie. Look at it. Thats a good looking comic. Also: Please note that there is a plane joke in there. A plane joke. Who even makes plane jokes? We do.

En noticias otros (woo 9th grade Spanish!) we got a fan comic from Jake Turnmire who I think is British because who else would make a Dr. Who reference? Dr. Who? More like Dr. Who?. Hahaha. God...that's why they pay me to write this comic. I got's chops. Keep reading I'll be making plane puns and Dr. Who jokes all night. bear


Sup dudes. Deadbeat #1 here, just sayin' hello. Angie started drawing the comic tonight and it should be done tomorrow evening. Depending, of course, on whether or not we decide to pay our bills instead (not likely!). Anyway, thank you for being patient and understanding that you are reading the work of two procrastinators. If it makes you feel better we have used this break to come up with a lot of fun ideas for comics, so you all should rest easy for a little while knowing there is a lot of new content in the works. bear


Hello, friends. There you go. Reunited, happy now? Before your heart grows too large just think about the fact that the dimension you came to know for the last year now has a Kitten with the perfect life. A dimension lacking Bear.

Anyway, I hope you are still enjoying the comic, I hope you'll come to the forums, and I hope you'll send us mail to say hello. bear


Hey hey. So we are pretty close to on time twice in a row. Pretty good, right? Especially considering we were out of town, and that it was Angie]s birthday yesterday. Go us.

So there you go. Bear didn't kill himself, Bear's Bro still has the CD,and the Dues Ex Machina was a bagel. This is the reason we need to get rid of that chatbox. All you smart asses guessing our plot. Anyway, we enjoyed all the comments, and we are glad you guys are still reading. Feel free to stop by the forums and chat with us there as well. Enjoy! bear


Howdy. Angie and I are heading out to the mountains for the long weekend so we'll see you guys next week! Smooches!


Yep. Kitten married a tanuki. You know what they say. Once you go tanuki you never go...back...I dunno I just made that shit up. Anyway. Kitten is married. Off limits. Also possibly a Japanese citizen?

In other news: We are temporarily changing our update schedule from Sunday/Wednesday to "1 to 2 times a week" because life is getting in the way of the comic and the comic is getting in the way of life. It's either that or "hiatus". I mean, ultimately you will get the same amount of updates, without the disappointment of a missed deadline. It's win win. No whining. Enjoy the comic! bear


Howdy. Sorry bout the delay on things. See...I umm...accidentally ripped my CPU out of my computer and bent like...every single pin. In an attempt to straighten them out I may have accidentally broke a few pins off and long story short my economic stimulus went to Newegg.

Anyway, Happy Mothersday! This is for all you ladies out there that spawned some kin. We love you, thank you for the money that I will pay you back someday.

News: The contest winners have been chosen! It was really tough because we loved all of them. Basically this is how the judging went down: I chose my favorite, Angie chose hers, we chose the one that just somehow struck us both as awesome.

Without further ado, here they are.

Angies favorite

My favorite

The one that is just totally rad.

We will be sending these people messages on the forums to let them know they are winners and have won prizes. The rest of you are winners too and have earned our undying respect. Best readers ever. Enjoy the comic. bear


Masters of punctuality, we are not. Anyway, this particular strip was more fun to write than you could possibly imagine. Also, the last frame came to me while I was peeing. Just a lil anecdote for you.

Please note the animated gif copetition is still going and it is totally fun and you should come in and make one and win some sort of prize. We haven't decided exactly what the prize (prizes?) will be, but I have some sweet ceramic peppers sitting on top of my fridge that I need to get rid of.

Enjoy, bear.


Did you know the cat hostess bars are a real thing? Serious. Go google it. Apparently Japan is so busy people can't be bothered to form relationships, so instead they pay for it hourly. Imagine if we did that here? How much would your company be worth hourly? Me personally? I'm probably worth at least $10 an hour, probably $20 if we are drinking. Take some time and really think about your strong and weak points as a pay per hour friend, then take some time to really work on your weak points. This hooker mentality can only make you a better person.

Other news: We have a sweet ass competition going and you totally need to get in on it. There is a lot of tough competition and the prize hasn't even been decided yet but we promise to make it something special. Something like a hug or a couple prints or a peronalized doodle or like...I don't know. We'll just ask the person who wins what it is they want and we'll do our best to oblige them. That's how we roll. Get in on it. Otherwise, enjoy the comic send us mail go to the forums, etc.


Hello! I am torn. I hope you get this one, but understanding the joke would be admitting that you have been at the bottom of life with a surly biscuit in your tum. Admit it, we've all been there. Be it pizza, cheese steak hoagies, tacos, sunflower seeds. You've awoken with a belly full of garbage, no recollection of it's purchase, and an overall sense of depression and self loathing. Admit it, you drunk.

In other news: We are having a competition here. It is on our forums. We are having the first official BnK animated gif competition. Go check it out. It will be fun. We are glad to be updating again and we hope you enjoy the comic. bear


Sorry bout being late. We totally didn't want to worry you but couldn't get it done in time. What can you do, right?

Anyway, this one is kinda sad-like. I dunno, I guess I just don't wanna see Kitten leave Bear. I mean, as a writer who loves writing Bears brother and Bear comics it's great, but it's kinda sad to see her go off on her own. Little baby's all grown up I guess.

And I am sure you're sad too so let's console each other on our forums. Theres a link at the bottom of the page, don't be shy. Also: Pick out your favorite strip and stumble it, reddit it, digg it, etc. The new traffic will help us out a lot. Thanks much! bear.

P.S. this is Kitten- I just want to say hello & get well!! to my BFF Kim who is recovering from surgery. Save some vicodin for the next time I come up <3


Hey guys. You're probably wondering what happened to us. Basically we just get depressed and burnt out and unfunny sometimes. We had ideas here and there for comics, but they were stupid and we are pretty hard on ourselves when it comes to this comic.

So after a week or so off what do we come back with? Interior design jokes. That's right. We feel it's a market that just hasn't been tapped yet and we are totally on the forefront ready to make the big bucks. Any day now you'll see us featured in Interior Design, interviews in Blueprint. The money is on it's way, we assure you.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with us! bear.


Happy one year, bitches! Who woulda' thought we'd be making a comic still. Not us, that's for sure. We just kinda started doing it on a whim and just kept at it due to people enjoying it. Here we are a year later and I hope you still enjoy it. Anyway.

If you're wondering how I became the President of the Entire World it's because the nominations were based on genitalia sizes and the votes on overall beauty of the member. So it goes. Also, because I fucking write this strip. I coulda' made myself God if I wanted but I thought that was tacky.

Thanks for one year of reading guys, its been a blast and we hope to be around for many more. Enjoy! president andy


Um. Sorry about this if you are reading it at work. I know it's kinda messed up, like your boss could walk past while you are checking out a shaved bear ass, or even worse, cartoon bear peen.

Regardless, enjoy the comic to the best of your abilities, and by all means send us an email or stop by the forums. We like when you guys talk to us. bear.


The inevitable return of the great white hopes. You missed us more than anything I assume. It's only natural and I assure you we missed you. Thanks for sticking around during our mini hiatus.

Anyway, this is the first part of an arc about animals not wearing pants which is ridiculous if you ask me. Animals in people clothes is like one of my top 3 most hated things. God gave them clothes, who are we to play god by dressing a beagle up like a jedi or a lunch lady?

I assure you we are back to normal updating (as normal as we ever were I guess), so enjoy the comic and look forward to sunday and wednesday nights again. bear.


Hey all. Angie got an opportunity at work to do some important design deal. Now, that's not to say THIS isn't important, unfortunately it don't quite pay the bills. So we are taking a breather till after Easter to give her some time to work on it. Don't be blue, we shall be back, much like Jesus in Christian lore.


I don't know what to tell you about this one.

Seriously, I don't. So, instead we'll talk about you possibly coming to our forums and saying hello, or sending us an email, or even buying a print. We also wouldnt mind if you stumbled our page or dugg it or linked it to people. Would be pretty rad. Have fun. bear


Did you miss us? We missed you. Sorry about going AWOL there, I got sick, then Angie got sick, then we realized it had been a week since updating. Nevertheless, here we are. Together again.

Little side not here, if you ordered a print and it didn't show up, let us know. We found out someone hasn't gotten theirs and that simply will not do. Let us know, please. If you haven't ordered a print, then ignore this. Instead, simply enjoy the comic. Possibly even come visit on the forums, or even better go visit dumb bear and leave a comment. He misses you. bear.


Hey all. Sorry bout the lack of updates. Angie got sick and I am not capable of drawing shapes that look like things. Not at all. I was hoping to have something for you today but I don't. I am sorry for the inconvenience and am refunding all of your subscription payments for this month.

Hopefully Angie will be feeling better tomorrow and we can get something out there for you. Soon! bear.


The next time someone tells you "print is dead" I want you to look them right in the eyes and ask them if they can wipe their ass with the internet. Then I want you to smile and say "south20th.com". Maybe even hand them a card with our URL on it.

Honest though where print stands in this day in age is extremely relevant to us. Why should anyone pay for something they can have for free. Would you buy a print collection of bear and kitten comics? Think it over because we are coming up on our one year anniversary and that might just be an option.

In the meantime why don't you just head on over to our forums or drop us an email. Buy a print, stumble or digg our site. Would mean a lot to us. bear


I wanna apologize in advance to anyone out there who is or knows someone who is living with Progeria. It's like the saddest disease ever and I feel bad, but it just kinda found its way into the comic.

Regardless, I hope you appreciate that we made a comic celebrating leap year. I also hope you will come to our forums and send us email and check out the things people have made us. Like this fan art from Blodia and this blog button from Angie's friend Kim who makes blog buttons. Check em out and enjoy the comic.


Hello. This update is funny because it's true. Asking someone if they have a screenplay is straight up rude. Thats like asking someone flat out if they have herpes or back acne. If they want you to know they will tell you. You don't just go asking. Still, Bear probably does have a screenplay. He seems the type.

In other news: We got some of the raddest fan art evs. I am talking way rad. It was sent to us by Matt Bixler of Qwilman.com. Apparently he had a dream about a bear and kitten movie in which Bear and Kitten buy an ugly pug dog and it is stolen and they have to retrieve it. In honor of his dream he decided to make this movie poster. We don't have a definitive fan art section yet, but we'll keep it here until we do. Thanks Matt!

Enjoy the comic, tell us hello, have fun. bear


I know you all want to defend MENSA but you know what? Fuck that. Dudes is whack and dudettes is wacker. Don't be worrying about that shit. You're on our side now. Let's do this. Lets roll.

You know what? Lets just head to our forums and talk it out. So much better than fightin'. bear


You thought we updated late. Maybe we just wanted to update for Presidents Day? You ever think about that? Truth be told we updated late, but that is my fault and my fault alone.

Anyway, I must ask that none of you attempt to make any of these drinks. I promise, if they don't actually kill you they will most definitely make you really sick and we like you and we hate lawsuits. So don't attempt to make or consume any of these. Serious.

Enjoy the comic and enjoy Presidents Day. bear.


Hello lovers. This update is filled with cuteness so you can cleanse your palette from the last few strips. We hope you love it cause that's what valentines day is all about. Monster Jam is actually something Angie and I do for Valentines Day. As far as I'm concerned nothing says "love" like 40 inch wheels and twisted steel. We're lucky enough to live in the city that is scheduled for Monster Jam every year around Valentines Day. Everyone should be so blessed.

Anyway, if you happen to have a valentine this year click on this link right here for a little cutout we made for you to send to someone on this most special day. We are offering a 100% guarantee that the recipient of this tiny picture will perform sexual acts on you or your money back.

Finally, we saw Juno last night and decided we are to the WCCAs what Juno is to the Oscars. Take that as you like. Just something we noticed. Enjoy the comic, have a happy Valentines Day, visit our forums and say hello, drop us an email. Smooches. bear.


Hello! This update is a cautionary tale for all of you out there. If you trace the story back far enough I am sure you'll find it's mythology based on a truth. Whether you believe in it or not, it's just one of those things you don't do.

Enjoy the comic, and again, best wishes to my Uncle Jim who is going into surgery tomorrow. We're pulling for you! bear.


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this update, and we apologize for being late. Sometimes we just get caught up on things and can't seem to get it finished on time. So it goes.

Anyway, we were nominated for a WCCA. For those of you not familiar this is the Web Cartoonist's Choice Award in the category of best new webcomic. We are really thankful, but let's face it, one of these things is not like the other. We are competing against comics that are made by professional animators and well known comic creators, so for us as untrained amateurs on our first comic it's a really nice thing, but it's also really intimidating.

I also want to say "good luck" to my Uncle Jim who reads the comic. You're about the coolest, toughest guy I know and if anyone can get through it, you can. Everyone tell my Uncle Jim "good luck". It would mean the world to me. Enjoy the comic too. bear


Howdy. I like this update a lot because it is basically a joke about forced insemination. Nothing says "classy" quite like a date rape joke. That's just how we roll I guess.

I want to write more for you, but I was up late getting drunk and playing Rock Band which makes you feel cool while you are playing it and then in the morning you feel ashamed because you were way too into singing that OK GO song in front of your peers and even though they were cheering you on you are pretty sure they think you are a spaz which is what you are when you play that game. So now I am tired and feel gross and ashamed. Enjoy the comic. bear.


When it comes to writing these strips I am very thorough. Sometimes. Today is one of the thorough days so I googled "fear of strippers" and couldn't find a medical term. So I figured the best course of action would be to google image search the same term.Then, after I was done doing that, I realized that there probably isn't a medical term for a fear of exotic dancers. I tried.

Also, if you ever go to a psychiatrist and they have a stripper doll on hand you need to leave. If it's a psychologist then don't worry. They didn't go to medical school and are probably liberals. It's normal for them.

Anyway, enjoy the comic and thanks for reading. bear


This is a completely realistic portrayal of being rich. You wear crowns while lounging in your hot tub. You wouldn't know this, of course, because you are not rich. Even if you think you're rich you aren't. Unless you wear a crown in your hot tub.

Also, I am pretty sure if I actually created bear's webpage and put it online I could totally become a gajillionaire, or at least a millionaire by copyrighting the term "Ashley Simpson's Pussy Thunder Clap". Regardless, I am too lazy to run a website of that caliber. Enjoy the comic. bear


There. No more Rodney Dangerfield jokes. We should have known better. Now, instead, we will stereotype music. We are so edgy it hurts.

Honestly though I imagine the testicle count of a line for a James Blunt concert is pretty low. Like maybe seven. Seven testes. An odd number because it adds humor and introduces the question of where the 7th testes' partner went. It's unimportant. Just enjoy the comic. Or else. bear.


This is what we in the industry call "topical humor". It's a little off though because it was topical in like 1983, and then again in like 2004. Not so much now. Still, we could chalk it up under random humor too. It doesn't matter.

Enjoy the comic, and if you get bored go visit Dumb Bear on youtube and leave some messages. I think it's actually starting to catch on. bear.


Yin and Yang. Bear is all about that Chinese shit. Can't blame him right? You come home to your kitten dressed up like Shirley Temple tap dancing on her freshly mopped floors that is just far too much Yin. You gotta counter balance it with someone like Bear's brother who apparently makes the weak ones use Tater Mitts. That's the key to happiness. The balance, not the Tater Mitts.

I swear if we get sued cause someone peels their wang with a pair of Tater Mitts I will be very upset. Enjoy the comic. bear.


Blarg dudes. It was my 25th birthday yesterday. That may not be old to you but it is to me. I know I am getting old because I was in bed by like, 12:30...on my birthday...on a Saturday. This old man can't handle his drinks anymore it seems.

Anyway, todays strip is about trust. If you've been reading for a while now you might be getting a vibe that there may be some trust issues between Bear and Kitten. Regardless, digging into your own ears for change is stupid and I don't care if George Washington himself came up to me and was all like "Look, Andy! You've got quarters in your ear!" I wouldn't go digging into my ears for more. Now if there was $100 bills and porn in my ears, maybe.

I guess a quarter could be a lot of money to a kitten. I wouldn't know. Enjoy. bear.


Hey hey! Quick update! A couple of our friends over at Koala Wallop have published their first book for a really great strip called Gorillas vs Robots. Best part is...we have a strip in it. Somewhere. We think. The writer is a friend of ours and threw us a blank page so we put one of our strips in it. It's rad, and their comic is rad and you should totally order one cause it's only like $3 and you will love it.

Thanks to all of you who help support us comickers! bear


Hey party people! I am mad psyched about this update and if you don't like I swear you can suck an egg, a huge egg. I expect a ton of comments on our site and our forums, as well as to see it posted all over the world.

Otherwise all is well. Little heads up: We are planning on going to SPX in October so if you wanna meet us that would be the place to do so. Plus, with us going to a con and all we will need t-shirts which means....we are going to make t-shirts. Come to our forums and help us choose what designs to make. More designs will surface over time.

Enjoy the comic, come chat with us, we love you. Bear


Man. I dunno what it is but there is no news. Maybe it's just a come down from the holidays but I feel like there should be news but there isn't any. I suppose that is a good thing. Enjoy the comic, visit the forums, post us all over the place, stumble us, digg us, whatevs. Bear.


Hello and happy new year! This is Kitten. Bear has been in the wine. Um! Well, we felt bad about being such bums about getting updates out lately so we thought we'd put this one up a little early. Hope you like it ok! And best wishes to you and your loved ones for the next twelve months. And after that too of course. Love Kitten.


Hey hey. I bet you though we went on hiatus. More like procrastinatus. Thats right. That word is all mine, I made it and you can use it but you have to refer people to the website whenever you do. So your sentence will be like "Man my favorite thing that updates on a regular schedule hasn't updated in like 9 days and I am pretty sure it's because they are being lazy and playing with their Christmas presents and drinking, they are totally on some sort of procrastinatus south twentieth dot com."

Anyway, as for this current strip I don't even know, man. It's loosely based off an actual dream Angie's best friend's boyfriend had that cracked us up cause it was about her boyfriend finding a tiny little version of her growing out of the ground like a mushroom. We just took the liberty of adding to it some of my own dreams. I dunno if you guys sleep laugh but apparently I do and it wakes me up sometimes and I am happy about it. You should try it.

Also you should try coming to the forums or buying something from us or telling people to read about us. It'll be fun I promise. bear.


Hey guys. We just got back into town today. We were planning on an update last sunday and not today but due to the holiday traveling we haven't been able to get the comic done. We are shooting for an update tomorrow and then we should be back on schedule (as much on schedule as we ever are). Check back tomorrow night.

Hope you had a great holiday.


Oh snap. Molly Hatchet. They are the perfect example of why you shouldn't choose a record based on the cover art. Seriously. You look at the cover and you think you are getting yourself into some sort of awesome audio adventure but you ain't. Instead you're barely rocking to some sort of crappy ZZ Top type tune and wondering where the eff the song about vikings is.

Look all you want it's not on there.

Ah well. Enjoy the comic. Bear.


Hi. This is pretty much the quintessential bear and kitten strip. It's got a sad kitten, a mean bear, and a crudely drawn penis. This one is for everyone that's been reading for a while now. Like a tiny, knowing smile shot in your direction. Thank you for reading, reader. You guys are the best. Have a happy holiday and we'll see you again Wednesday. bear.


Oh man. This comic might be a long shot in the whole "relating with the audience thing" because I dunno if you guys get creeped out by old doormen. First off I don't feel it's right that anyone should have to work after their 90th birthday. Secondly, I hate how it looks like their arm is about to snap in half holding a door for me. I ain't got anything against old people in the workforce, it's just that I don't like paying people to do things for me that not only am I capable of doing myself, but actually doing better than the person I am paying to do so.

So relate or don't relate. What's important is that you are here, reading this comic, hopefully enjoying it. Bear.


Honestly. I don't even know why we bother putting a tree up. As the proud owners of not one, but two kittens there is almost no point in setting up and decorating a Christmas tree. The moment we turn our backs that tree is on the ground surrounded by shards of whatever it is they make those little Christmas ball ornaments out of. We used to have a beautiful tree all done up nice. Now we have a Charlie Brown tree lacking any ornaments. Oh well.

Hope you enjoy the update, keep reading! Bear.


OK. I felt bad about not having an update so I decided to give you a behind the scenes look at how we come up with ideas here at south20th.com.

What usually happens is we get real drunk and then I write things down that seem funny to me, then in the morning I look at it and see if it makes sense. This is a scan of the book that I write in. You may notice the wine stain. You may also notice that it makes no sense what-so-ever. Honestly. I dunno what that mothman thing was supposed to mean but I am sure it was brilliant.

Before you say anything I know I can't spell you don't need to rub it in. I hope you enjoy this little look into the creation of this comic. See you Sunday.


I repeat. Bear's brother is totally rad to write for. Here's some interesting trivia for you. This is a real conversation I had a few days ago. Now, I'm not gonna tell you who said it because you don't know em and if you did you needn't be teasing them about their Shamu dick.

Enjoy the comic


Bear's brother is totally rad to write for. If I could I would change this comic to Bear's Brother and Kitten but it would end with a statutory rape charge and tears. Ah well.

You guys should totally head over to the forums and discuss Metaxa with us. Or just chat about anything. Also, I wanted to let you know how proud I am am of you guys for the posts on YouTube's "Dumb Bear" video. I love them all and I hope it keeps up. Post a comment. Whoever posted that video needs to be supported.

Enjoy the comic. Bear.


Alright! Sorry about the delay but, you know, Thanksgiving and all.

Speaking of Thanksgiving I hope you enjoy this little story here. Two things to touch on with this one. First off, these characters in no way represent our own families. Angie's mom isn't a cat and my brother doesn't have a moustache. However, this is pretty much the atmosphere of thanksgiving at my house only it is missing my endless drunken promotion of Ron Paul to my parents who probably no longer love me.

Secondly, that YouTube frame at the bottom of the comic is real. Go to YouTube and type in "dumb bear". You will get a video of a bear in a river just being a bear. The caption reads "some bear that is dumb". I think everyone should do their best to make this video some sort of internet meme. Hup to.

Other than that all is well we are back on schedule and we hope you enjoy the comic and shower us with gifts and praise. Forever your Huckleberry, bear.


All right. Sorry I wasn't around last time. I was a little too drunk to write an update. Luckily this time around I am the perfect amount of drunk to write an update. So here we are. I don't really have too much to say. If you want to read what I have to say when I am too drunk to update you can check it out here. Otherwise just say hello and that's that. Bear.


Hello! This is Kitten. Bear is too drunk for an update. Oh dear. He wanted me to dictate something about you guys "stalking his shit" but I couldn't figure it out. I think he wanted you to? Who knows. Enjoy the comic. We'll be back Sunday.

Love! Kitten!


Hey there sunshines. Poor Bernard, right? We've all been there. Outside of making today's strip it's been a slow weekend. We aren't in any competitions, there haven't been any reviews and we haven't even left the house outside of groceries and the bank. So, you know. Not much to talk about. I guess we could talk about how your weekend was. Come on over to the forums and we'll chat it up.

Also, thanks a ton for defending us against that Sonty Mick cat. You guys stood up for us and we dig that. A lot. You are all good in our book. Enjoy the comic!


Guys. We got reviewed again. Normally we just take the reviews with a grain of salt because they are all like "it's good but the text is too small" and we are like "yeah we know but we are still awesome have you seen the size of our genitals your opinions don't scathe us we're artists man, artists." However, this review really hit us hard.

First of all it's by an award winning blogist and renowned webcomic reviewer. I'm talkin' about Sonty Mick. Yeah. It happened. He threw a lot of criticism our way that we thought we could handle...then he hit us with a new improved version of the comic and it was over. The comic you are seeing now is his work...not ours. It's magnificent. The marketing possibilities alone...I mean....god...

So it is with a heavy heart that I announce our resignation from the webcomics community. We need some time to completely revamp our way of thinking. This could take months, or years, or forever or possibly until Sunday.

Maybe if enough people defended us on Sonty Mick's site we would reconsider but even then..I dunno. Bear and Kitten...out.


Oooh, sugar, we're back. How hard was it waiting for an update? I bet it was super tough. Still, don't worry here's your update and it's fucking fantastic. If you don't get the joke in this one it's probably because you either have never attended college or have never attended a vagina(see also:penis). See what I did there? Now you have to laugh or you're an uneducated virgin. Emperor's new clothes and shit.

Also: The Bomb Shelter Idol thing is over for us because you guys obviously think we are sub-par. That's cool. Make it up to us by going and voting for Lucid TV. Those guys are totally neat so you should throw some Bear and Kitten votes their way.

Otherwise enjoy the comic, come talk to us on our forums, send us e-mail, etc. You are familiar with the drill.


Hey all. Angie was busy all weekend with a paying gig so we didn't have time for a comic. We could probably get one done by late tomorrow night, but then it would only be up for like a day and that simply isn't enough time for you to fully absorb our work.

So check back Wednesday for something totally rad. If you get the joneses for anything Bear and Kitten related, why not visit our forums and post in the drunk thread? Or drop us an email? I will totally write you a witty response. Super witty email. Wit-E-mail. Hahahahahaha!


Happy Halloween. Do you have a sweet costume planned, like maybe an awesome mummy or something? You and your significant other should go as Bear and Kitten and totally plug our comic everywhere you go. You totally should.

So you know how sometimes I will say that Angie shot down my original idea because it was too gross? Seriously man, I had like 5 this time that we both agreed crossed all sorts of lines. Every line, ever. This is when I need to start charging a monthly fee to get access to the uncensored ideas. You'd totally pay $5 a month for that cause you have expendable income and you are sick in the mind.

Other News: We made it to the second round of Webcomic Idol which is pretty rad, so thanks to you. As promised here is the info we promised: Town's name is Bright, friend code is 3866-2031-7691. Go draw some cocks on her house or something. Also, you should help her weed the place cause it's a mess. If you want you can go back and vote for us again and we can try to make it to round 3, but really, not a huge deal. Just enjoy the comic and come chat with us in the forums and spread the word about the comic. Thanks!


Woo. Just made it. You thought we were gonna update late, but we didn't. Your lack of faith saddens us. If you want to make it up you could go vote for us on the webcomic idol thing. We are barely holding 5th place and would like to maintain that for whatever amount of time is needed before they end the first round of voting. After that we can discuss what to do from there. As usual enjoy the comic and come to the forums and say hello and everything.


Morning. Check us out we updated early.

Now then, to business. Go vote for us and then make your friends vote for us too. We don't need to win this thing, we just don't want to get voted off in the first round. We need fifth place, do everything in your power to make this happen without actually cheating. Call your mom and be all like "mom, sign onto AIM so I can send you a link" and then when H0tMaMa64 signs online link herthis and tell her to vote for us.

As payment I will give you some information. The friend code in today's strip is 2/3 of Angie's animal crossing friend code. If we come in 5th place or better i'll post the last bit of it and you can visit the real Flufftonington and draw wangs all up on her door. Totally worth it right?


Hey. We are in the finals for Bomb Shelter Comics' Webcomic Idol. we are up against people who are way better than us at comics, but probably can't kiss as well as us. Thing is we need you to vote for us. We don't expect Kelly Clarkson votes so much as Sajaya votes. You heard me. Pity votes based soley on our looks. So text 80085 on your Cingular Wireless phone or click here and vote for us. Thanks.


Sorry about being late again! This one was tricky, so many different styles. Hopefully you can pick out each reference. We are fans of all of them, but don't think for a second that we don't like others, it's just that we only had so much time.

Also, please note that I am sure everyone has their own ideas of how time travel works, this is just how I see it and if you don't agree you can suck an egg. Otherwise enjoy the comic!bear


It's 8:30 in the morning on a Sunday and I am writing this update while Angie blow dries her underwear on my pillow. This is because we haven't done laundry in about 4 weeks. This story doesn't have any relevance to today's update, but I find it amusing and wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy today's comic! bear.


Sorry bout the delay. We got a late start and couldn't finish last night. But here it is in all it's glory. Hope you enjoy!


Iron Chef America is somewhat of a sham in my opinion. The only thing that gives it any honor is Iron Chef Morimoto. That guy truly is a food samurai. I am sure that if you were to visit his restaurant you wold be more than happy with what they served, so don't go telling him we were talking smack. I don't need that.

What I do need is for you all to spread the word about this comic. I mean really spread the word. Cause Angie and I have dreams of quitting our jobs and doing this for a living and we figure we'll need to be making at least 80k a year off the comic for that to happen. We are only 80k short of that goal. Lets get moving.

Of course enjoy the comic and visit the forums and buy something and all that.


Some people may argue we wrote our way out of an arc with this joke. Truth be told we wrote an entire arc to house this joke. Dedication and commitment. Thats our thing. Dedication, commitment and poorly drawn male genitals.

Anyway, I hope you love this comic as much as I do. Bear.


Seems like this should have been a more one-sided fight. I mean, I know Kitten is a trained martial artist and all, but still. Bear is a bear. Bears are effing huge, man. You ever watch that "When Bears Attack" show? Those bears destroyed people and they didn't even have guns or chairs.

I think that show said you should punch them on the nose and climb trees when they attack. That could be sharks though. Minus the tree part. Not that a shark is gonna climb a tree to get you or anything but climbing a tree to get away from one would just be silly.

Anyway, please notice Bag of Toasts ad to the right. God told him to buy that and I think He'd appreciate it if you'd click on that ad and then vote for him on the Top Webcomics thing so you can see the time God told him to buy the ad over there. It would also be awesome if you clicked on it a whole bunch and made him think we have more than 14 readers. bear.


You know the saying. Don't let a black cat cross your path. Well the inverse of that is don't cross a white kitten. Bear's about to learn the hard way that inversed superstition is a harsh mistress. The hard way being 12 to the chest like 50 cent and Bear ain't much of a rapper.

Nows the time to repent bear. As should you reader. I am sure you have plenty of friends who haven't heard of Bear and Kitten yet. Time to shine lest you want to share Bear's fate. Enjoy.


You have to wonder how many times Bear and Kitten will get rich. I mean, they already had the gold album so you have to assume they made at least a little bit of money with that. But then they might have had management issues like TLC or something so it's nice to see that they continuously get put into bizarre situations resulting in not only monetary gain, but humorous outcomes.

Everyone wins. So as usual feel free to visit our myspace or forums or mail us. Also feel free to buy something, we're always cool with that. Most importantly though, enjoy the comic and tell your friends. bear.


Sometimes when I come up with ideas for a strip I cross a line and Angie will say "no I won't draw that it's too dark/silly/gross/etc." Needless to say I was surprised when she agreed to draw a horse with a tiny, deformed horse attached. I think she just really likes drawing ponies and she'll take what she can get.

Be thankful and enjoy the strip!


Teamwork. That's what this comic is about. It's not called Bear and it's not called Kitten. It's called Bear and Kitten for just this reason. Would a giant sign drawn in the sand to planes be funny? Depends on what it says but probably not. Would a giant cock drawn in the sand be funny? Yes. But not as funny as a giant cock drawn in the sand shooting heart spunk.

Speaking of heart spunk it's my dad's birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday Dad! I am giving you a shoutout on the internet! You are famous now. Millions of people could see your name. If not millions at least the 14 people who read our comic. One of whom is Mom.

Regardless, happy birthday Pops. Everyone else, enjoy the comic and wish my dad a happy birthday. Do it. Bear.


Sorry for the delay. Mech's are hard to draw. Here's your update, don't say we don't deliver.

Alright.The two of us are heading to someones wedding in Chicago. Angie knows the bride and I desperately want to meet the groom who allowed his future wife to register a pink toolkit from target as a wedding gift. That's true love, brother. So, we will be flying to Chicago this weekend. I haven't flown in many many years so I am a little nervous. Wish me luck and if the update doesn't show up on Sunday it's probably because we died in a horrible crash somewhere over lake michigan.bear.


So a lot of people ask us "Why south20th.com? Why not bearandkitten.com?". The answer is that some genius entrepeneur registered it first so as to put advertisements on it and steal hits from our confused visitors. After a few months they probably realized that it wasn't as sound an investment as they had imagined so they finally gave it up. Go ahead and type bearandkitten.com into your browser. That would be us.

Pretty neat right? Well, enjoy the comic and tell your friends! bear.


So we're eating at Burger King the other day and admiring their fancy new packaging design. I am curious as to what inspired such classy fry containers so I am reading the fry box. Imagine my surprise when I see "designed by Sean John" on the box. Sean John? Thats Diddy's design company. Don't you know anything?

Instantly Angie and I are discussing the finer points of east coast/west coast graphic design disputes. It's the only logical conversational step. So if you're wondering, yes, Puff Daddy is a graphic designer now. He wasn't happy enough putting his name on your CDs, on your clothes, or on your movie credits. Guy's gotta get paid.

Check it out next time you are eating Burger King and enjoy the comic! Bear.


Hy guys. Angie is in Connecticut visiting her folks for the long weekend and I can't draw. So you get no update till Wednesday. We feel bad about it but we can't very well make Angie draw while on vacation.

Regardless, we hope you check in then! Bear.


There's something to be said about those who will sit around for hours trying to think up the funniest possible scenarios for any given situation and end up with a kitten wearing a fake moustache and strap on dildo.

Before you answer the something to be said is "fantastic". We are fantastic for providing you with this update. Look at it.

Hope you enjoy it. Come visit our forums. Talk to us. Bear.


And we're back. Camping was pretty fantastic, thanks for asking. If rained a little but otherwise it was a lot of fun. We basically just sat around a fire and got as drunk as possible while shooting acorns straight up in the air with a slingshot then trying to keep a straight face as they whizzed back down on top of us. All and all a quality vacation.

Now then, as you can see Smokey is an Uncle Tom, Bear is absolutely out of shape and Kitten is a kitten. Also, please note that due to the overwhelming amount of cuteness in the last few strips we compensated by dropping the eff bomb not once but twice in this strip. Prints are available.

Also, it saddens me but I have to actually comment about our chatbox. This is the internet. People can say whatever they want without fear of getting punched in the face. Over the last 10 or so years I have come to terms with this and can ignore the negative and embrace the positive. Let's all do the same and leave the e-arguments for our fancy message boards where nay-saying, arguments, and everything else are not only allowed, they are encouraged. Sign up now!

Have fun, enjoy the strip. Bear.


Before you say anything about how the microchip is actually playing the music understand that it is a chip with a small stereo on it that you didn't see in any of the prior frames. It's there though and that's how it is playing music. Ok?

Ok. Kitten and I are really going camping for the rest of the week so we will be somewhat absent around here for a few days. Of course you are still encouraged to visit the forums and buy things from us and whatnot, we just wont be there. We'll be camping on sand dunes and attempting not to be blown away by the thunderstorms that are due the entire time we are there. Wish us luck, see you soon. Bear.

P.S. We got a new review be Jeanine over at Beta Pwned. It's pretty rad, so you should check it out. Not only does she like our comic but she tells everyone to buy our poster which you should. You really, really should.


Oh man. Someone needs to compile a montage of sad-face kitten pics. She's like life's tiny little punching bag.

Enjoy the comic, it took Kitten a good chunk of the day to complete. She'd probably be really crabby about now, but while she was drawing I leveled her Chimchar up a ton while watching the Naruto Hundo on cartoon network. Seriously, it started off as a joke. Kitten wanted to know what I was gonna do while she was at a baby shower and I told her I was gonna watch 100 episodes of Naruto (a show I can't stand) while getting drunk. 90 some episodes later the joke isn't so funny. I don't want to watch it anymore, but I need to know whether or not Naruto can live up to his Nindo (his ninja way) and become the next Hakage. This is how I spent my weekend.

I hope your weekend was spent in a more productive (and less nerdy) way. Enjoy the comic!


Poor Kitten.

Well, apparently Bear and Kitten are going camping, which is fun because next week so are we. I have a suspicion the two might be connected somehow.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new comic! Bear.


Torpedo Jones' grand finale. Happiness to one world, destruction to another. That's the American way. Special thanks to Mat for helping with this one.

Other news: We have designed the torpedo jones poster. It is available on the merch page, or you can just click here. If you are interested you should e-mail us and we'll send one out to you. They are super great so buy one.

Otherwise it's all pretty much the usual. We have a myspace we have our forums and we have our e-mail. So come talk to us. We want your friendship. Love, Bear.


Update: We have a myspace now. Lets be friends.

Note to self: When trying to get kitten to do a comic do not buy wine.

Seriously dudes, this girl had to do like 9 straight revisions because she kept messing up the last three panels. She couldn't get them to match up. It was straight out of a slapstick 50's movie. I would hit refresh and be all like "now the triangle is pointing in" then she would "fix" it and I would hit refresh and be like "you changed the wrong frame" etc. Drinks + drawing = a mess.

Luckily this turned out great. Hope you enjoy it! Bear.


Totally worth the wait. We spent a lot of time discussing what would make the most epic jump ever. It turned out that the most epic jump ever is all of our ideas in one jump. That is the most epic jump ever.

Here's a little competition for you. Can you name everything Torpedo Jones jumped in this comic? You should go to our forums and let the world know you are totally smart.

You should also go to our new about page. I worked really, really hard on it so make sure you check it out. Otherwise just enjoy the comic! Bear.


Would you believe me if I told you this comic was so big it's gonna take another night? Would you trust my judgement and allow us one more day of hard work so that we can put out a comic that will simply blow your mind? Please? Cause honest, this comic is really, really big. Like, file size. It's like 100 megs big. I hope you have cable internet cause you 56k kids are so boned. See you tomorrow. Don't give up.


Hey, we tried to get this comic done tonight but it is really, really big and we couldn't get it done. We hope to get it up tomorrow night so keep checkin in! Thanks. Bear.


I think the best part about this update is the frame where Bear's dad spits whiskey on his knee. Man, I don't even think whiskey is alcoholic enough to be used as an antiseptic, let alone you don't want your neighbors wondering why your kid smells like Jameson. This is similar to what my dad used to do, only he used rubbing alcohol and told me it was holy water. He didn't really do that. I was making jokes.

Also, we got another review! This one by Sean C. over at Way of the Geek. You can check out the review here.

As usual, go to our forums, send us mail, buy something from us, spread the word. We are fueled by your love. Bear.


Ok, I know we updated late again, but that was due to updating late on Sunday! Dont blame us! You don't even know what goes into these comics. A lot of hard work is the answer. Hard work. That and Kitten was too busy reading Harry Potter to draw things.

Seriously though, you ever notice how things always go blurry when people go into flashbacks? The only other time things go blurry is when I am super drunk, and according to photographs that is the face I make when super drunk so I imagine that is also my flashback face, and chances are it's also yours. Next time you are out on a date and you drift off thinking about all those previous rods and holes you've had in your life, I want you to understand what it is you look like while imagining this. Yeah. Now you know why you've had so few rods and holes in your life you goofy looking bastard.

On another note, if I was to tell you that there might be a limited edition bear and kitten poster in the works could you guess what it might look like? I bet if you looked at this comic really, really hard you might be able to figure it out. Keep looking, it will come to you.

I hope you enjoy this comic, and this whole arc, and I hope you order a poster cause we are gonna screen print them and there wont be many! Pre orders are accepted. We love you. Bear.


Sorry we were late. We got back from out of town late sunday and just couldn't get the update done. But here it is. Worth every second you waited.

Now then, enjoy the comic, buy some prints, tell your friends. Love , bear.


Hey! We went out of town for the weekend. New update up Monday night.


Ok. Forums. Prints. Interview. Support the cause.

I dunno if you watch boxing or not, but if you do you've probably heard the name Larry Merchant. He's older than sand and about as sharp. Still, he's been a boxing announcer since boxing was invented so they (they being The Man) let him talk into a microphone during fights.

I give it a year, tops, before they unplug that microphone and just let him wander about the ring as he pleases. This monologue in the comic today is pretty much word for word what he said last saturday, minues the whole Randy Newman part.

Regardless we love Larry Merchant and hope he never dies, which is seemingly possible at this point. We also want to say thanks to Gatti for being a "freakily" entertaining boxer, even when he lost.

Love, bear.


Lordy. Seeing as you guys have seemingly grown too big for the ChatBox we will have to link our forums. Truth be told we just got the forums a few days ago and were going to link them with the next update, but since you guys asked so nicely. The Forums are located over at transplant comics for now. You can find it here.

Also, I am gonna toss a button down at the bottom of this page so you can get there easier. Hope you guys come chat. Feel free to discuss whatever you want.

See you there,Bear>


What is the onomotopeia for vomiting?

This comic here. The one that is up right now, this is my favorite ever. Shirtless Teddy Atlas is going to be tattooed on my chest inversed so I can look in the mirror and read his words of wisdom. His transparent old man skin hypnotising me so that I cannot resist his will. I will get in on the inside of life, leading with the jab, working the body with my hook. Body shots are money in the bank. The bank of life.

Oh Shirtless Teddy Atlas with your old man pants and crippling scoliosis. I love you.

And I love you, reader. Forever. I will get you tattooed on my body as well.

Buy prints.


Just a quick update. For real. Prints are now available. Drop us a line and we'll send you one of your very own.


Like this one? Want it framed over your bed so you can look at it before going to sleep? Let us know and we'll make you a print. Serious.


Poor kitten. Sometimes what seems like the right choice just gets you in trouble.

Last night Kitten and I stayed in some cabin. The room we were in was a loft and it had a door that closed but it latched itself closed from the outside so we got trapped in there. It was scary because we were convinced only ghosts would do something like lock people who had been drinking all night in a toiletless room. Needless to say we were rescued.

We also went and saw an Elvis impersonator. It was a much more entertaining night than I had planned. He was performing in some bar way out in the sticks and said he never gets e-mail, so we are gonna link to him here. Send him e-mail. I don't much care what you say, that's not up to me.

As always enjoy the comic and know that we love you. Bear.


Ok. Scroll down before you read this comic. There's a little play button. Press it. It will enrich your experience, we promise.

Nice right? Now go find your own Toto best of CD and play it while you drink your domestic beer and blow things up. Happy Fourth. Love, Bear and Kitten!


Hi to everyone from Thinkin Lincoln! Leave us a note! Don't be shy. To Miles: Thanks much! Your link has brought in more views in one day than we got in the entirety of our first month.

We hope you guys enjoy our comic!


Ha ha. Seriously. I dont even care if you get the joke in this one. Actually I hope, for your sake, you don't.

Anyway, Kitten and I really like wine. It's probably apparent at this point. We even made a new drinking game up last night in which we watched John Tucker Must Die and if you laughed at the movie, you had to chug a glass of wine. Needless to say as the game went on it became more and more vicious. Kitten lost by my scorecard due to a joke in the movie about chemistry. Something along the lines of "Silver and Copper are sitting in a bar when Gold walks in. Silver see's Gold and says Ay! You! Getta outta here." Haha. Get it?"

Other than that it's been a pretty laid back weekend and we hope you dig the comic. Tell your friends and whatnot. Love, Bear. (p.s. Mom, I don't do drugs, I just think they're really funny.)


We've all been there before. You've finished your first box of wine and it's only 7:30. You go back the the store to get more and the cashier gives you guff cause apparently where he's from 4 bottles is enough. Well it's not.

In other news: Nothin. You guys should spread the word about us so we can be thrown into more interesting situations. Then we'll have more stories. Love you anyway, Bear.


Just a heads up. If you are on your DS, playin Animal Crossing or whatevs, you can now take a pause and come to read the newest Bear and Kitten. According to our friend Bruk from Felt Up we are DS compatible. Super clear style. Not all webcomics are. Not even that Dinsoaur Comics guy who basically invented the internet or something. That'll teach you to use .png sucka.


Sweet irony. The topic of this comic is the reason we nearly didnt update today. Regardless, we did it. Because we care about you.


Right on. Bear is back and my mom is pissed. She loved the kung-fu arc and said she liked that we didn't resort to gutter humor. I immediatly told her not to read todays. Seriously, mom, look away. This is between me and the Tanner sisters.

Also, you should totally thank Kitten for updating today cause she was feelin all sick and tired and whatnot, but truth be told she was probably just being a pansy wristed whiner. No pansy wrists here. Not after 2 hours of TGIF. No sir.


Annnnd we're back. Sorry bout the delay. We were off visiting our relatives in strange and distant lands.

Well, there you go. Kitten wins it. You probably havent been this psyched since you saw Rocky for the first time. Except Rocky didnt win because he is a giant puss. Thats right. Bear.


Alright. The main fight is on. Nothing says funny like a helpless animal getting beaten. I've wached enough episodes of animal cops to know this is true. So after you're done laughing and then feeling bad about it, tell your friends about our website cause no matter how many people come, we always want more. Even still, we love you the most. bear.


Oh yes. The tournament has begun. It's straight up Kumite except less tiny asian extras that are just there to get crushed by Chong Lee. Still, this is a true bloodsport and we know you love it. People love action and so shall we provide. We hope you love it. Bear.


We updated and it's a fucking montage. All of America loves a good training montage. So heres what you do with your new montage induced erection. You come back on sunday for the big tournament. I can promise so much blood and gore. You will love it. Also: we updated late because we are drunk. We have no other reason.

Also. We would like to add that we were offered a bear and kitten credit card . Which we took and are making extremely excessive charges on. We will post pictures of it someday. We love you. Bear.


It's a well known fact that in Australia the aboriginies would weild long pikes made of pine and bamboo which they would use to fend off drop bear styled assasins. Seriously, I did not make this up. It's on Wiki.

Other things you should know: This is our 20th comic. We are officially established on the internet. At this time you should probably start telling everyone you know about this page, and link it wherever you go. Like next time you are at the free clinic getting your gear checked just drop a funny little happening from this comic to make it a little less awkward that this stranger is squeezin your dangle. Then drop the URL just cause.

We love you, Bear.


This comic makes ceiling cat look like a pansy. That's right. I reference internet memes. I am hip.

Honestly though, hope you enjoy it and please tell your friends about us! Love always, Bear


Hello! Again we are on time! It's a great thing, especially since we have been getting drunk in rememberance of something to do with war. I think tomorrow is memorial day which means we can still wear white. Regardless of what color dress we all may be wearing, lets drink one for the soldiers that fought so that we could wear white for a good 2 more months. After that it's just tacky. Grow up.

Enjoy the comic, and please give us feedback because we really love feedback and knowing that people are reading. Love you always. Bear!


And this concludes our first ever story arc. You know you loved it. The humor. The cuteness. The social commentary. It touched you in areas you didn't know you could be touched. And you loved it. You loved it so much.

And we love you. Keep reading. Tell your friends. Vote for us on random comic shit. Do it. Spread us like wildfire. Like a plague. Like a mental STD.

Also. Send us e-mail. We love hearing from people. If you've never sent us e-mail before you should try it. It's fun. Send us things like wine recommendations and vegetarian recipes. Send us your thoughts, feelings, but most importantly, send us your nudes.

Drunk always, Bear


Hey. Hope you like the update. We are working on getting some decent forums set up so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime just spread the word about us. Spread it thick.


You ever wonder why they don't release Steamboat Willie from the Disney vaults? Now you know.


Fuck you. We're on time. Just kidding we love you and are stone psyched you're back. This marks the first in what will be many story arcs. We need to draw you in, dig? Your attention span is all boned from your nintendo 64s and whatnot. Now you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat clicking that refresh button goin "what will happen next?" and shit.

Don't ever say we didn't have a plan.

Love you. Forever. Bear.


Ahoy, bitches! Sorry we didn't update our news lately. Just havent had much news to shout out about. I guess first of all I should mention that we have been rocking the on time updates. So hard. We hope you like them.

Now. Be warned. Sunday marks the start of our first official story arc. Mark your calendars, tell your friends. It's gonna be wild.

Love always, Bear


Hola! We were gonna give you a heads up yesterday about some fun news but we figured it best to actually have everything done before reporting it. It's done now, so here it is.

We got another review! This one was way better too because it was by someone who liked our comic instead of someone who didn't like our comic. This time around we were reviewed by Aarin, the creator of Debasement and Aarin�s Desk. You can check it out on his blog. We totally liked this review a lot better because Aarin said nice things about us. Of course he then went on to trash us on our website�

So we fixed it. At least a little. We now have an archive! Tired of wanting to look at the 6th comic and having to click back or forward 5 times. Them days is over. You just go ahead and click on the day you think we made that comic and there it is. We also added a links page so that people who want to link to us can find our banner and people who want us to link to them can have a place to do so. Check it out! Of course we had no idea how to do any of that type of PhP nonsense so of course our hero, Bruk, totally saved the day. In return we gave her the top spot on the links page and picture of kittens.

Not just any kittens. Our kittens. We got them last night from Animal Friends. Animal Friends is like the Grey Goose of animal adoption centers. No joke. Handguns are easier to obtain than a kitten from this place. Anyway, we went in to get one, we left with two. Apparently the volunteers are all used car dealers by trade. They cut the price on the second kitten in half (the price not the kitten). We have included pictures of said kittens for you here! Enjoy!

Sorry for the super long update! Love, bear


If you ever find yourself rolling along the scenic Pennsylvania Turnpike (I80 for life sucka!) and you find you're in need of some serious substinance, look no further that Roy Rogers. The resteraunt, named after the one and only Roy Rogers,the whitest man in the west,as far as I can tell only exists on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Which totally sucks for you if you're not rollin through the United States greatest commonwealth right now.

Other things to mention include this fancy new comment bar thing on the right side over there. Leave us a message. Tell us what you're thinkin about.

Other than that we hope you enjoy the comic and tell your friends about us!

Love Always, Bear


So get this! Our first review! Some guy named Jack over at Jacks Webcomic Reviews gave us 6/12 monkeys. That's 50% fantastic as far as we're concerned. he apprently loves the art but doesnt get the writing. What can ya do, right? Check out his site for his review of us and other comics! Also let him know that he is 6 monkey's short of the truth on our review!

Love always, Bear


Alright to all my candy britches out there. We got some updates for you! First off you'll notice a new comic. Yessir, that's completely true chemistry right there. 100%. I am like the LeBron james of chemistry. I rock the periodic table like Toto circa 1980. Read it, love it, learn it, quote it to your friends and then say "hahaha, I totally ripped that off Bear and Kitten!" We don't mind. Just throw the url in there someplace.

The other awesome update is from a friend of Kittens who gave us our first official fan art submission. You can find it in the Bunny Knife Fight Section located conveniently at the bottom right of your screen. I had to censor it because my mom reads this shit and I don't want my mom thinking that I love teh cock. You can find more of her exceptional cock loving work at berry killer.

Last but not least is the fact that we are now sporting PhP updation. This is thanks to Bruk from pimp cow who literally did it all while I sat back and wondered if anyone would talk shit to me if I made out with Tony Hawk, and if they would talk shit because it's non-hetero or because Tony Hawk sold out. Whatevs though, cause he's got money.

Love always, Bear


Ok. We're totally trying to keep on a Wednesday/Sunday biweekly update schedule. We don't have any of those crazy PcP updaters and MeSQline managers you kids are into these days, but we do have good ol' fashioned dedication and a whole lotta smarts. So be prepared! Bear and Kitten. Comin at ya like a Frazier left. Pladow!


Bear totally owed me for that last comic so I got to write this one, AND the update.

So fun right??!

Love always, Kitten

This comic made me diabetic. Love bear.


Man. Sorry about the slowness of this update. We were totally trying, it's just new for us to have so much text in a comic. We're used to poop jokes. Poop jokes take like 4 words to convey humor. Stripper jokes take a lot of words cause it's like, you have to be all up in the word areas makin' descriptions and whatnot. It's tricky.

Anyway. Yes. This is a true story. Yes it happened to me. Yes. My mom reads this and is going to pretend she didn't read it and be all like "why didn't you update" and i'll be all like "We totally did update" and she'll counter back all quick-like "Oh I must have missed it."

Whatevs. Kitten hates the way this turned out. I dunno why. I think she really captured the stripper well although she refused to add the back fat I requested. But while she might not like it, we hope you do!

Love always, Bear


Alright, not only are we updated, but this here content is all feedable on the RSS machine. I dunno what any of that means but I totally made it happen for you. I treat you good, like a princess no doubt. You deserve it.


This comic was a hassle. Apparently drawing a snake eating a waffle is not easy to do. I mean, it's basically just a line eating a circle right? Wrong. Shit's hard like woah. Kitten was not pleased with the amount of difficulty involved in drawing snakes and I am completely unable to draw so I was no help.

Someday I will draw one of the comics and Kitten will write it. The product will be two scribbles hugging for 15 frames.

A side note: If you dont get the reference in the last frame I would highly recommend you go back and watch some 1980's action classics. Not only will you understand this comic and many more, you'll be able to reference the best movie one liners at whatever hipster tea parties you attend.

Love always, Bear


Happy Easter from Bear and Kitten!!


Ok look. I know we just updated yesterday but this comic was so funny we couldn't sit on it. Look at it. This one is based on a true story. There are spiders in my face right now. I know it.


Our first real update! I'll write more later, but for now we have to go get drunk and play pool. Hope you like it!


Welcome back to bear and Kitten. I say "back" because unless you're some kind of square you've already been here. You might notice a few things have changed. Things like...oh...say that there "contact" button. It actually contacts things now. Oh my...look what happens when you click "about". Yep. That's about us. The "first" button? That button is totally fun in that it links you to the first comic we made which is this comic right here.

Probably the coolest new thing is the link at the bottom of the page to Bunny Knife Fight. Not only does it contain some seriously amazingly wonderful artwork by Kitten, but it also contains the sexiest script ever. I swear. I am chaffed from viewing it so many times.

Other than that the new comic should be done tomorrow. We were gonna post it today but you're probably shooting blanks at this point. See you tomorrow. Bear.


Welcome to Bear and Kitten. The story of two young professionals who are also bears and kittens. Kitten draws this thing, and does all the internet stuff, while I do the important things like figure out who owns the internet and why I need a middle man instead of just sending my money straight to [email protected]. I also say funny things out loud during conversations. We use those things in this comic which I AM A LARGE AND INTEGRAL PART OF.

This is where we would normally write things had we things to write. If we had enough to say you would even be able to see our badass scripting skills and ability to make text move down when you put your mouse on the down button and stuff like that. Unfortunatly we dont have anything to say.

As we continue making more of these i'm sure one of us will write something informative and witty and insightful for you to not only read, but scroll while reading thus making your time here that much more enjoyable. I know people like you. Java scripts get you moist and thats O.K., no one is judging.

So anyway. Theres all sorts of sweet stuff here. Like Bear and Kitten comics. Actually comic. We only have one finished. Theres another project already done and made called Bunny Knife Fight but we havent gotten around to putting that up on the website yet. Much like those buttons over there that dont go anywhere. We totally know how to make those buttons do things (I mean, cmon, we know java...we know how to make a mailto) we just choose not to. It's our call. You don't pay us.

Not yet at least. But you will because we'll have merchandise available which you will buy to make us money. We like money because we can use it to buy Triscuits and cranberry juice and bike parts. You get a sweet t-shirt outta the deal and we won't even say you're a poser if you say you heard of us first even though my friend at work heard of us first cause he was there when I said "hey, I am gonna throw this comic on the internet." and he saw the comic.

So yeah, you probably noticed that the text IS scrolling by now and your pants are probably getting tight in the groin area. Look. It's moving fluidly. It's so clean. Look over there. Its todays comic. Up there? Oh that? That's the non-working navigation bar that you don't need to be worrying about because this here scrolling text is all you need. Don't fight it.

So enjoy the comic. This one is about what happens when you drink on a thursday while playing pool and then get up to go to work. It also touches upon my deep rooted fear of seeing other people vomit. And my fear of Iowa. You can totally scroll up now if you want. Reread it again, or just touch yourself to the fact that this text scrolls. Love always, Bear.